While every effort is made to ensure this list is accurate and up to date, some meeting details may change over time. If you are attending a meeting for the first time, you can confirm details by ringing the service office on Dublin (01) 872 1133

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What goes on inside a GA Meeting? A friendly meeting together of men and women, young and old who have a desire to stop gambling.

No questions about who they are, no professionals or do-gooders. No cross-examinations. No religious connections. No entrance fees. If you want to stop gambling then you are automatically a member!

No personal details and no fees requested. GA is totally self-supporting from voluntary collections – nothing from the new member on their first night.

One of the members is the chairperson for the evening; he or she invites those who wish, to speak about their life while gambling and since stopping gambling.

The backbone is the 12 Step Programme. A simple guide to living a normal life without gambling which can be used or interpreted in any way the member chooses.

Gamblers Anonymous always works for the man or woman who wants to stop gambling.