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Some Gamblers Anonymous members are willing to share their own personal stories with members of the press, radio, researchers etc. Some members have attended schools and colleges to tell their story to students so that others may avoid difficulties in relation to gambling and to inform those who may be interested that help is available.


At all times these people speak in a personal capacity and do not 'speak for' or 'represent' Gamblers Anonymous.


Gamblers Anonymous is very strict about its relationship with the media. We naturally encourage awareness of our existence, but we do not promote ourselves, relying entirely on attraction.


We always maintain anonymity, so that appearances on TV are impossible where we can be recognised, or even if the perception is that we are giving up our anonymity.


Gamblers Anonymous is an anonymous fellowship and therefore does not keep any records of numbers or types of gamblers. We are anonymous and cannot be photographed or recognised. While we cannot 'produce' gamblers or members of their families for TV or press interviews, some of our members are willing to share their personal experiences.


We do not have opinions about availability of gambling – our sole aim is to carry the message. We do not keep statistics of numbers of gamblers or members. We have no comments about government policy on gambling.


Gamblers Anonymous is self-supporting, declining outside contributions; and we are non-professional, offering only the voluntary support of one gambler helping another.


Exposure through the media, press etc., has helped many people to find Gamblers Anonymous. Many of these same people have gone on to lead happy productive lives without gambling. You have helped make this possible, and for that we thank you.


Our primary purpose is to stop gambling and to help other compulsive gamblers do the same.



If you have a media or press query for GA, please email

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