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Some advice to new members

Attend as many meetings as possible, but at least one meeting per week. Details of meetings around the country can be found here.

Contact other members as often as possible between meetings. Don't be afraid to ask members for their number.

Don't tempt or test yourself. Don't associate with acquaintances who gamble. Don't go in or near gambling establishments. Don't gamble for anything; this includes buying lottery tickets, raffle tickets, flipping a coin or playing games for table stakes.

Live the Gamblers Anonymous Recovery Programme one day at a time. Don't try to tackle your whole life's problems at once.

Read the Recovery and Unity steps often and continuously review the 20 questions. Follow the Steps in your daily affairs. These Steps are the basis of the entire GA programme and practicing them is key to your growth. If you have any questions, ask them of the trusted servants of your group.

When you are ready, the trusted servants will conduct a pressure relief meeting or revaluation for you and your partner (if appropriate). Adherence to the advice offered will aid in your recovery.

Be patient. The days and weeks will pass soon enough, and as you continue to attend meetings and abstain from gambling, your recovery will really accelerate.

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